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Wonderful Value

"The earrings were absolutely beautiful and so affordable. I've had so many wonderful compliments when I have worn these earrings (they are now...

TASSEL Clip On Earrings

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Clip On Tassel Earrings by Dazzlers

Dazzlers Clip On Earrings offer this wonderful range of the latest fashion, modern Tassel Clip On Earrings many with a fashionable vibrancy of style and colour with finishes of Gold, Silver and Rose Gold in a variety of styles and materials. Tassel earrings, sometimes called fringe earrings, are often large and can sometimes be a bit on the heavy side so to ensure we provide you with comfortable tassel earrings they are all fitted with the best quality clips. This category is a part of our offer of the 'Best range of clip on earrings in Australia' providing wonderful variety and 'Affordable Quality' to suit everyone and all are stocked locally, here in Australia, backed by excellent service and fast shipping.

Dazzlers is proudly an Australian australian flag company

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Tassel Clip On Earrings

For many women Tassel or Fringe earrings are the fashionable earrings of this era and are sometimes referred to as Modern Clip On Earrings. They disappeared after the Roaring Twenties and have only recently made a comeback, at least in clip-ons. The materials used to make tassel clip on earrings can vary greatly from very fine strands thru to very chunky tassels in cotton or man made threads and plastic or metal chains. The varieties are seemingly endless as are the colour choices.

Many will include faux gemstones or crystals either situated on the clip on the earlobe or in Bohemian styles featuring large crystals in gold or silver toned bezels with the tassels flowing from them. Whatever your style Dazzlers is sure to have something for you and at affordable prices.