Wonderful Value

Wonderful Value

"The earrings were absolutely beautiful and so affordable. I've had so many wonderful compliments when I have worn these earrings (they are now...

STATEMENT Clip On Earrings

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Clip On Statement Earrings by Dazzlers

Ready to make a statement, put it out there, then our beautiful range of Oversize and Statement Clip On Earrings from Dazzlers is the category for you. Some are Artisan crafted in Sterling Silver and Gemstones with many being costume or fashion earrings in a variety of finishes in Gold, Rose Gold and Silver and styles in Dangle and Hoop with some very large Button style earrings also.

● At Dazzlers we believe we offer the 'Best range of clip on earrings in Australia' providing wonderful variety and 'Affordable Quality' with something to suit everyone with all products stocked locally, here in Australia, backed by excellent service and fast shipping.

Dazzlers is proudly an Australian australian flag company

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About Statement Earrings & Jewellery

Statement Jewellery is often described as having the components of the three 'B's', i.e. Big, Bold and Beautiful albeit not necessarily in every case does it need to be big. It is more about you, the wearer - if wearing a particular jewellery piece makes you feel good or highlights your personality or style then that is the key to being a statement. So it is the case with clip on statement earrings, they don't need to be big to make you feel good, to project yourself. Most sites will categorize their statement clip earrings with large and 'out there' styles - at Dazzlers whilst we include some of these in this category you will find a balanced selection to suit many tastes, and at the end of the day something you choose from another category could be your personal statement earrings.