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What is Rose Gold? - About Rose Gold

Clip On Rose Gold Earrings

As the popularity of Rose Gold as a preferred material or finish, seen as an attractive alternative to normal Gold, so has the demand for Rose Gold Clip On Earrings and here at Dazzlers we have a wonderful variety of styles, all excellent quality and at affordable prices.

What is Rose Gold?

Rose Gold is an alloy of gold and copper, which means it is a mixture of the two metals. Typically rose gold is made up of 75 percent gold with about 22.25 percent copper (variable) and a small amount of silver. The greater the amount of copper in the alloy mix then the darker or redder it will look which explains why there is a variation in the look of Rose Gold from one jewellery piece to another.

rose gold dangle earrings

  rose gold clip earrings

  crystal rose gold clip on earrings
Stunning selection of Dangle Clip-on Earrings

Some of the extensive range from Dazzlers of a stunning selection of Clip On Drop Earrings also called dangle clip on earrings in a variety of metals and finishes including Crystal, Rose Gold, Vintage and Bridal styles also featuring many 'Unique Artisan hand made' earrings in a variety of designs.

peridot clip on earrings
filigree clip on earrings
pink harp clip on earrings
Vintage Clip On Earrings - Authentic True Vintage Earrings

At Dazzlers we continue to make available a great collection of True Authentic Vintage Clip on Earrings. We search for these earrings primarily in regional country towns at antique and second hand shops, looking for only those of good quality that we then refurbish to make them fresher. These vintage earrings include crystal, long drop and lovely enamel button earrings among other styles and mainly cover the 60's, 70's and 80's with some also from the 40's and 50's eras. We pride ourselves on the quality and authenticity of our vintage clip on earrings range, some examples of which are shown below.

                  enamel vintage clip on earrings

drop clip on vintage earrings

baguette crystal vintage clip on earrings
New Blog post about Crystal Clip On Earrings

"The sparkle and dazzle of crystals has been attractive to women throughout the ages which is why so much jewellery includes crystals of various types or indeed precious and semi-precious gemstones. Whilst precious metals such as Gold and Silver have often greatly determined the value of jewellery and whilst these metals in themselves have delighted the wearer it is the inclusion of shiny sparkling jewels and crystals that have made so many pieces that much more special. Crystal earrings are certainly a favorite of Brides and indeed her bridesmaids on their special day as clip on bridal earrings can be worn by all."

... click the link to read more at this interesting blog post about Crystal Clip On Drop Earrings

            marquise clip on crystal earrings

fashion clip on crystal earrings

dangle clip on crystal earrings
60 New Products Added

We have further increased our range of clip-on earrings by adding an additional 60 New models to our already extensive range These include a lovely new selection of Button clip earrings, some new fabulous Artisan handmade Sterling Silver earrings, lovely handmade Fashion earrings styles that include long clip on earrings that dangle well below the ear, some wonderful clip on hoop earrings and more pearl earrings also now available.

Take a look at here at our New Products section to see them all .... here are just a few.

button clip on pearl earrings

clip on fashion earrings

gold clip on earrings
Stunning 'Natural' Nautilus Shells in Sterling Silver Earrings
In our range of Sterling Silver Clip On Earrings we have a stunning selection of Artisan Crafted styles that feature actual Nautilus shells. These natural shells are collected on the beaches of Bali by Artisans and then are filled with a lightweight resin to enhance the natural features on the shell. The outside of the shell is coated in a durable clear resin to protect and create a glossy shine. These sterling silver long drop clip on earrings come in a range of fabulous colours and in some size variations. They are surprisingly lightweight and very comfortable to wear and are sure to be admired by others and be a conversation piece.

Below are a few samples of our selection;

sterling silver clip on earrings

artisan crafted clip on earrings

sterling silver clip on dangle earrings
Wherever You are so is Dazzlers Clip On Earrings

No matter where you live in Australia you can confidently buy from Dazzlers and receive your clip-on earrings quickly and securely. Whether in the Capital cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Hobart, Adelaide or Perth ... or anywhere in the regional areas ... we have your covered. Indeed if you are visiting this site from anywhere in the world we ship globally with many satisfied customers worldwide.