Wonderful Value

Wonderful Value

"The earrings were absolutely beautiful and so affordable. I've had so many wonderful compliments when I have worn these earrings (they are now...


Clip On Earrings Half Hoop Combination of Gold and Silver
Clip On Earrings Half Hoop...
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Clip On Earrings, Gold Plated Half Hoop Style Clip Earring
Clip On Earrings, Gold Plated Half...
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Half Hoop & HOOP Clip On Earrings

Clip On Hoop Earrings

Fabulous range of Hoop and Half Hoop Clip On Earrings from Dazzlers in a variety of styles including Retro & Vintage, Gold, Silver and dazzling Crystal earrings and more. This collection includes the full circle hoop earrings with the sliding spring clip as well as the button style earrings with the paddle back clip that are often called half hoop or demi hoop earrings. These are very comfortable clip on earrings fitted with the best quality clips, another reason we say our Dazzlers range are the best clip on earrings in Australia, providing wonderful variety and 'Affordable Quality' with something to suit everyone and every budget with all products stocked locally here in Australia all backed by excellent service and fast shipping. Take advantage of our Sale Prices as you shop.

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Hoop Clip On Earrings

Stylish and often making a statement hoop earrings, the full circle type, range in size from quite petite to extremely large or 'oversize', up to 150mm (6") in diameter. They are often made as a small diameter ring however can also be a big and chunky design incorporating tassels and charms dangling from them and hence are very popular with the younger set though not exclusively.

Half Hoop Clip On Earrings

This type of earring is also called a demi or semi hoop earring and as the name implies it is only half the diameter of a full circle and hence is often in the form of a paddle back clip on earring similar to the button clip earring. Half hoop earrings come in many styles and can often be quite wide by comparison to the full hoop type and they can be worn with formal and evening wear equally as with casual or day wear. They are available in Gold and Silver finishes and many will be highlighted with crystals or gemstones to give that glamorous look.