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Wonderful Value

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GOLD Clip On Earrings

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Gold Clip On Earrings by Dazzlers

Stunning collection from Dazzlers features a fashionable, modern range of Clip On Gold Earrings in a variety of styles including Hoop, Button, Dangle, Drop and dazzling Crystal earrings and more. In addition we have Gold earrings in our vintage earrings and bridal jewellery categories. All products in what we offer as Australia's best clip on earrings' selections are fitted with the best quality comfortable clips. Dazzlers provides wonderful variety and Affordable Quality' with something to suit everyone with all product stocked locally, here in Australia, backed by excellent service and fast shipping. Please take advantage of our great Sale Prices as you shop with us.

Dazzlers is proudly an Australian australian flag company

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Gold Clip On Earrings

Gold has been the standard of wealth throughout history, and indeed subsequently power in many cases, and it remains so today. The success of many world economies is determined by their holdings of this yellow metal. Jewellery has been made from Gold since ancient times and was often the symbol of the wealth of the wearer particularly as it was solid Gold.

Today whilst Gold is still the benchmark it is generally more affordable as much jewellery being made in a variety of purities - pure gold being 24 karat and lower ratings having other metals, like copper and silver, included as an alloy. Generally speaking pure Gold is too soft for many jewellery pieces and the addition of copper in particular in an alloy mix will toughen or harden the metal to make it more suitable for everyday wear. In other cases coating or plating a base material in Gold makes this jewellery even more affordable whilst modern manufacturing processes have improved the durability of the plating such that this type of Gold jewellery is often indistinguishable from the 'real thing'.

Typically the Gold clip earrings offered by Dazzlers are made with an excellent coating of plating of gold.