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Wonderful Value

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BUTTON style Clip On Earrings

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Clip On Button Style Earrings

Dazzlers offers an extensive range of button style earrings in all types of materials and finishes to suit normal day wear, dressed up fashionable models as well as the glamorous earrings for evening wear. Dazzlers Clip On Earrings also have Retro and Vintage, Sterling Silver and dazzling Crystal earrings in this style. We believe we offer the Best clip on earrings in Australia for Range, Quality and Price providing wonderful variety and 'Affordable Quality' to suit everyone and all are stocked locally, here in Australia, backed by excellent service and fast shipping. Take advantage of our Sale Prices as you shop.

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Button style or button clip on earrings are so named because of two main reasons. When they first became popular back in the heydays of popularity of clip-on earrings during the 1940’s thru to the 1960’s the most popular style was typically a demure elegant round design (like a button). They are almost exclusively of the ‘paddle back’ clip type which with the way it sits on the ear lends itself to such shapes.
Clip on button earrings are sometimes called stud clip on earrings. Typically stud earrings or studs are very small or petite on the earlobe and are usually post pierced styles so small paddle back button clips are often used for petite stud type earrings for non-pierced ears.
We have a very diverse range of excellent quality here at Dazzlers at great prices including big button clip on earrings, button clip on pearl cluster earrings and many styles well suited as bridal clip earrings.