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Crystal Clip On Drop Earrings

The sparkle and dazzle of crystals has been attractive to women throughout the ages which is why so much jewellery includes crystals of various types or indeed precious and semi-precious gemstones. Whilst precious metals such as Gold and Silver have often greatly determined the value of jewellery and whilst these metals in themselves have delighted the wearer it is the inclusion of shiny sparkling jewels and crystals that have made so many pieces that much more special.

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The most famous jewellery pieces throughout history whether necklaces, bracelets, tiaras or earrings have included dazzling gems and of course most have been out of the scope of ownership for the majority bar the richest of women and that is where crystals have become so popular. Most women want to look and feel special, want to be noticed and appearance is important - the right outfit, the right hairdo and makeup all set off with the right jewellery.

The most important item of jewellery to help to highlight a woman's beauty is her earrings because they are closest to her face and how better to show off a beautiful face than with dazzling earrings to attract the eye. Without having to spend a lot of money on expensive fine jewellery costume for fashion crystal earrings can offer a sparkling alternative. Crystal bridal clip on earrings are very popular as wedding jewellery and are also worn as statement clip earrings by many.

Dazzlers has a wonderful selection of affordable quality crystal clip on earrings in a number of styles and designs with a variety of coloured crystals in addition to the diamond-like clear types. Crystals also come in different types determined by the materials they are made from, their cut and shape and their placement on a jewelry piece. These include the higher quality Austrian and Swarovski crystals in addition to the common rhinestone, marcasite and simple glass crystals.

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